National Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses McGeehan for US Senate

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National Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses McGeehan for US Senate
Chester, W.Va. -- The National Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) announced today that they have endorsed Pat McGeehan for U.S. Senate, who is running for the Republican nomination against the Establishment candidate Shelley Moore Captio. Pat McGeehan is the first candidate that has been endorsed by the National RLC for the 2014 elections.

Matt Nye, National RLC Chairman, said in the RLC press release, “Pat McGeehan has shown leadership skills badly needed in the Senate. Receiving the Republican Liberty Caucus endorsement is a testament to his commitment to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise”.

Pat McGeehan joins the likes of Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and other conservative individuals who all have received endorsements from the National RLC.

“I am proud to have the support from the National Republican Liberty Caucus for my campaign for U.S. Senate”, stated Pat McGeehan. “Our country must have real leadership who will stand with Senators Paul and Cruz, to tackle the National Debt before it’s too late.I am that candidate”.

Pat McGeehan is known as the constitutional conservative candidate running against Shelley Moore Capito for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jay Rockefeller in 2014.

Conservative organizations such as Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth have criticized Captio for her votes on the bailout and debt increases.Jim DeMint released a statement in November stating that he could not support Capito because, “…her spending record in the House is too liberal”.

“As U.S. Senator, I will vote against any bailout or debt limit increase, and will fight to protect the Constitution from all threats -- foreign and domestic”, stated McGeehan.

Stephanie Butcher, W.Va. resident and RLC Atlantic Region Director, said “I am very pleased that the RLC National Board saw in Pat McGeehan qualities which we in the West Virginia Charter have known for years. He is a great Republican candidate and will serve as an excellent Senator”.

Pat McGeehan is a native West Virginian who was a former Air Force Intelligence Officer and served in the WV House of Delegates from 2008 to 2010.  

The official National RLC press release can be found at
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