Brothers in Pre-production for Huntington shot Horror Flick

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Brothers in Pre-production for Huntington shot Horror Flick

Huntington talent will have an opportunity to chill and scream, as the first auditions have been scheduled for an action-packed, dramatic horror/thriller. “Something Haunted”, a pre-production independent film produced by locally owned and operated Visual Vindication, LLC looks to fill cast and crew positions.

Founded by Huntington native Lonnie VanScoy (29) and Huntington resident, Tim VanScoy, the company plans establishing itself as a go-to place for local talent to make a difference in the Mountain State. Expressing an optimistic exceptional city and state attitude, they hope to contribute to Mayor Steve Williams goal of attracting filmmakers to Huntington.

“My brother and I believe that anything can happen, just go out there and make it happen". said Tim VanScoy.

Already in negotiations with promising talent, Visual Vindication, LLC is looking to fill numerous positions in their upcoming film "Something Haunted". “The cast is going to be a very diverse and dynamic range of individuals. We are reaching out to anybody and everybody that believes they can assist us”, said Lonnie VanScoy.

Crew positions in the following areas are available: camera operations, special effects, sound, editing, set design, hair and makeup, web design, promotion and marketing among others.

The producers of “Something Haunted” have an initial “closed, response based” casting call in Huntington for which an invitation is needed. For consideration, send a short bio and preferably photos and/or link to your social networking site.  Send email to,

Those auditioning should be comfortable with photography and taping so they can review your performance, which may include minor action, expression and bits of dialogue from the script. (If this date is not convenient, please tell them in your inquiry.)

Their grandfather, the late Homer VanScoy penned a 1978 article for the Columbus Dispatch that recounted multiple  paranormal experiences at a Victorian Huntington  household. Their encounters with one or more “ghosts”, prompted the family to move and let the noisy and scary apparitions have the house. The encounter was retold in Huntington Quarterly as one of the city’s many ghost stories.

Although the city has numerous ghostly legends, including the vanishing bride on Fifth Street Hill, only one “horror” genre full length film has been made in the city. Clark W. Davis, then an executive at WHTN (later WOWK) shot “Teenage Strangler”, at such locations as the former Huntington High School, Martin’s Restaurant, and even featured former sheriff Harold Frankel.

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