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"Something Haunted", an independently produced local horror film will be holding open auditions soon. We talked to the producers about their production:

Without revealing spoilers, can you provide some insight into the script?

“Something Haunted” is a maniacal journey inside the mind of two very different serial killers, as well as their cause and effect on a very ordinary and old-school community. The killers are Grant, a former prisoner of war that joined the military shortly after 9/11 and Jerry, a criminally insane and institutionalized murderer. The two join forces when a chance opportunity provided by Mayor Price Patterson comes Grant’s way. They begin employment at Patterson's new business venture "Something Haunted", a year-round haunted house attraction. The two embark on a terrifying thrill ride filled with unbelievable mind-twisting turns. This is a roller coaster for the brain. “Something Haunted” is filled with drama, suspense and realistic vulnerabilities accompanied by justifiable gore.


I believe you said that several in LA have looked at or expressed interest in your script?

Our script has been shown interest and reviewed by several in Los Angeles, California and the surrounding areas. One of them was the C.A.A. (Creative Artists Agency) and several working actors, most notably Dave Vescio. Dave recently starred in the major motion picture "Hick" opposite Chloe Moretz, Alec Baldwin, and Blake Lively. Dave has been an unbelievable help with everything we are trying to do. Whether it is providing encouragement or giving advice, Dave is always there. We are currently in negotiation to attach him to our project.


Is this your first project? I believe you have acted as an extra in some films too?

This is the first major film project we have embarked upon. We have tons of independent work dating back to 1990, when we were just children. We intend to release those as a separate bonus DVD packaged alongside “Something Haunted” or as an accessible bonus for our site members.

Lonnie: I managed to pull a moment in “We Are Marshall” as a background extra. That was fun, but nothing more than a result of my chance meeting with Matthew McConaughey and Director McG at that time. I actually sat alongside McConaughey and McG in Glenn's Sporting Goods when I was employed there. And I was given the opportunity to view the trailer on their handheld tablet at that time. They were very genuine and encouraging of any of my film related questions.

Tim: I have been represented by the English-based Willow Management, under the pseudonym “Nathaniel Turner”, since 2009. The company is owned and operated by the famous actor Warwick Davis (The Harry Potter series, The Leprechaun series, Star Wars). Thanks to them, I had an audition for “Snow White and the Huntsman” in mid-2011. Due to such short notice, I was unable to attend the audition that was held at Universal Studios Hollywood. This has been a major factor for us to base our operations in this area. It seems like most of the opportunities are on the west coast and we want to provide some right here in our state. I have done minor roles in a few different plays as well.


Who are your film making mentors and/or which director/films have influenced you the most?

Lonnie: I have always had a very clear and decisive vision for what I am filming. I always found myself more at home behind the camera as a writer/director, though I have no fear of acting and somehow manage to do it effectively. My influences would most definitely be Mel Gibson for the dramatic feel of his work, Quentin Tarantino for his ability to blend raw realism with over the top special effects, M. Night Shyamalan for his ability to absorb viewers so deeply into his work that you can’t turn away from the screen and Rob Zombie for his ability to be so creatively diverse as a musician, artist, writer, filmmaker and horror fan. We have absolutely everything in common. I draw, paint, sing (was a vocalist for 8 years in a metal band called Minion), have done numerous independent films, write constantly and love everything horror. My films would most definitely be the Nightmare on Elm Street Series, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (new and old), Tales from the Crypt (television series and film), Tales from the Dark Side, PumpkinHead, Dead Alive, Braveheart, Gladiator, and that’s just the beginning. I do love traditional: Nosferatu, Hunchback, Young Frankenstein.... man, I could go for days.

Tim: I have had an interest in writing and acting since I was very young. I have been developing and acting in our independent films from a very young age. I love seeing a story come together on film. I also love writing because it gives me an opportunity to explore and develop different characters, locations and conflicts. My influences are Hitchcock for his ability to keep you on the edge of your seat in even the most simply situations, Tarantino for his skill in developing interesting characters and his skill in shooting long shots with no cuts and I also admire Scorsese because he isn’t afraid to step over the line and he crafts beautiful character connections. A few of the films that have influenced me are Rear Window, Pulp Fiction, Se7en and The Shawshank Redemption.


Explain the 10 minute demo purpose and do you have a tentative shooting schedule?

Due to the numerous stereotypes that plague our region, the majority of people (in-state and out-of-state) have very little belief in making a film based in West Virginia. We need these 10 minutes to show this state and those who may not believe in our abilities, that we are doing something special. Once we attached the massive talents of I.r. Zombi Studios (special effects) to our team, we knew we would be untouchable. This is an opportunity for Visual Vindication and Zombi to show our talents and abilities. It’s hard to generate interest and funding without some meat for possible investors to sink their teeth into. We do have several in-state and out-of-state interests, but we believe this 10 minute demo will push us over the top. Our shooting schedule is going to be considered “urgent”, in other words, as soon as possible. We have people waiting to showcase “Something Haunted” and our work online and in other media. We are moving full speed ahead and the sooner we can get started, the better.


When will your fundraising campaign begin?

As soon as all of our preliminary filming is completed, edited and able to be used for advertising and viewing, Visual Vindication and I.r. Zombi studios believe whole-heartedly that this 10 minute demo will be all we need to secure proper funding for our project. We’re currently in the middle of budgeting out every need, from our office pens to car explosions and to festival appearances.


How will this horror film NOT play upon the so called West Virginia Stereotypes?

West Virginia is a beautiful state and though there is a minor truth to some stereotypes, the majority of them are completely ridiculous. We have nothing but pride in our home state, city and its people. We are going to make it an absolute must that we display West Virginia as the educated, humble and beautiful state that it really happens to be. Making a difference starts with a belief in something more than yourself. For Visual Vindication and I.r. Zombi studios, it starts with a love of our people and pride in our state. We didn’t sell out for a reason and we will stand by that till the bitter end.

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