Elevator Issues Continue at Courthouse

Updated 4 years ago HNN Staff
Elevator Issues Continue at Courthouse

Despite $180,000 in overhaul expenses, the lone Cabell County Courthouse elevator continues having problems. For instance, on July 5 the elevator stranded an employee on the second floor for about an hour due to a minor mechanical issue, according to a televised report.

However, the aforementioned incident represents only one. Chris Tatum, Cabell County manager, told the Cabell County Commission Thursday July 11, there has been at least seven calls to Otis Elevator Company of Huntington. He said a coupler has been replaced three times.

Mechanical components and the elevator exterior had been overhauled and modernized during January and February 2013 under the contract with Otis to remedy continuing break downs of the aging elevator. During the closure many courthouse activities were relocated to the basement to allow accessibility for those who cannot use stairs. These repairs were authorized to potentially avoid the cost of installation of a new elevator.

“The courthouse elevator issue [still] needs to be addressed”, Bailey told the commission. He believes that despite cost concerns the county must find a solution to make the building “more accessible to citizens who cannot use the stairs”.

The commission turned the elevator repair contract over to Bill Watson, county attorney, to determine if there is legal  recourse for the repeated malfunctions on the newly overhauled elevator.

In other matters, the commission approved all items on its agenda, including employment and reclassifications of certain EMTs and paramedics, $2.20 dog tags, and 2013-2014 depositories. Discussion of the coal severance tax matter was postponed until the July 25 meeting.

Finally, Tatum explained that the Western Regional Jail bill for 2012-2013 was approximately $3.4 million which is about $100,000 less than the commission budgeted.

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