Huntington Ends Fiscal Year with $1.5 Million Surplus

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Huntington Ends Fiscal Year with $1.5 Million Surplus
Photo Aaron Michael Fox (Mayor's Office)

The City of Huntington has ended the 2012-2013 fiscal year with a $1.5 million dollar surplus, according to Huntington Mayor Steve Williams.

"The previous council and I can take a victory lap on what we put together", Williams said.

A projected $250,000 surplus had been anticipated, but "through our efforts of watching every penny" and greater than expected sales tax revenues, the larger than expected carry over occurred.

Williams indicated the approved "partial budget" had contained "holes" that could be filled if necessary. "We knew what we were doing", Williams said, explaining, "We had been told we were $1.5 million short on healthcare", so an additional $70,000 had been made available just in case.

On Thursday, July 19, the city celebrates the opening of the Hampton Inn at Kinetic Park.

"I'm benefiting from things [council and the prior administration] did the last four years. We put pretty good  policies in place."

He continued, "I'm proud that I'm able to stand here on behalf of the citizens of Huntington. We will have even bigger things to announce [in the future]."

Although one fiscal year is finished, Williams said there's "no time to gloat", adding, "we still have to get through this [2013-2014] fiscal year."

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