30 Mile Huntington Project

Updated 4 years ago
30 Mile Huntington Project

Huntington 30 Mile Meal started with the efforts of a handful of people in Huntington, from various walks of life, working towards something great! Together they built the The Wild Ramp, our first local foods market. Stocked with produce and products from local farmers and food producers, and staffed by volunteers, it opened in July of 2012 and has seen great success. A nature extension of this endeavor is the 30 Mile Meal.

We are working to educate the public, bring farmers and buyers together, and increase the availability of fresh, local foods in the Huntington area. Improving our health and building a stable local foods economy are two of our goals. We also want to develop Huntington into a dining destination that attracts people from other areas to Huntington to enjoy of food and culture. And since this is a community driven project, we are helping to involve and build our local community as well.

We have many small farms (small by National Standards that is) that produce excellent food including pork, beef, poultry, diary, eggs, and more varieties of produce than you could imagine. Increasing the demand will help these farmers grow their farms and make a living wage, which, in turn, puts more money back into the local economy, benefitting everyone. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN project!!

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