Retired Cabell Judge Cummings Appointed to Replace Mingo Judge

Updated 7 years ago Special to HNN from WV Supreme Court Release

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Upon learning of the federal indictment of Thirtieth Judicial Circuit (Mingo County) Judge Michael Thornsbury , Supreme Court Administrative Director Steve Canterbury filed a complaint against Judge Thornsbury with the Judicial Investigation Commission in accordance with Rule 2.14 of the Rules of Judicial Disciplinary Procedure. In anticipation of a recommendation from the Judicial Investigation Commission on the future service of Judge Thornsbury in Mingo County, Chief Justice Brent D. Benjamin has asked Senior Status Judge John L. Cummings of Cabell County to serve in Mingo County. Senior Status Supreme Court Justice Thomas E. McHugh will assist as needed to ensure abuse and neglect, domestic violence, juvenile, and other emergency issues are handled without delay.

Both Judge Cummings and Justice McHugh ha ve agreed and are prepared to begin work in Mingo County at 9 a.m. on Friday , August 16 . Senior Status Justice McHugh previously served as a Kanawha County Circuit Court Judge before he initially was elected to the Supreme Court in 1980.