WV Attorney General Issues Statement on Women's Rights Rally

Updated 5 years ago From a News Release by WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey issued the following statement today regarding a rally that is taking place at the Capitol:
"The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, which is why I encourage the free flow of ideas on any topic. The people gathered at the Capitol today have the right to express their opinions, and I would not discourage them from doing so.

“Our review is focusing on the laws governing abortion regulation in the state of West Virginia. For example, under the law it is indisputable that abortion is permitted until birth in our state. That's up until birth, not until 20 or 30 weeks.

“What are the regulatory standards in West Virginia for governing abortions, which are legal in the state until birth? Our review is analyzing this question and many others that have been raised by people across the political spectrum. After our review concludes, we will be in a position to identify the exact nature of abortion laws and regulations in West Virginia. We note that a bipartisan group of legislators have also asked for a review of abortion rules in West Virginia in House Concurrent Resolution 167, which passed by a voice vote and was forwarded to the Senate on April 13. The resolution requested the Joint Committee on Health to authorize a study regarding the health and safety regulations of West Virginia’s abortion providers. The sponsors of the resolution were Delegates Boggs, Border, Campbell, Cowles, Ellington, Ferns, Householder, Lane, Marcum, Miley, Moye, O’Neal, Pasden, Perry, Reynolds, Stowers and White.”

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