DEVOTION: Programmed Intervention

Updated 7 years ago by Beth Bondurant
Close to where the robin and her quads were birthed, there was a dove family nested in a nearby awning.  Either it was the stormy weather or some other type of trauma that jolted the dove's nest and it fell to the ground leaving one baby dove... clinging for dear life.
The distraught Mother dove first cooed and called to her young one... then stood by the fallen nest.  A bit later the Mother and dove were nestled in a nearby bush.. huddling together. Somehow, the Master Creator has programmed intervention even in nature and the creatures that live all around us.   If so much oversight is programmed into all living things... how much more does God care for you.   "Be content with who you are, and don't put on airs.  God's strong hand is on you and will promote you at the right time.  Live carefree before God;  God is most careful with you."   Everyday there are circumstances that come and we may find ourselves feeling 'fallen and helpless'.  God's unseen presence permeates the circle of life around us and we listen for God's soft call... God's hovering presence.  We can trust in the Master Designer who scripture says knows every sparrow that falls... and gets to the root of our heart and mind with programmed intervention filled with wisdom and grace.   O God... I can hear the thunder and see the lightening as it rumbles and strikes quickly so close to home. Give me strength to cling to your promises... to wait on your guidance and provisions... to rest in your intimate presence.  Help me to trust that you do care what goes on in my life and that though I am resistant to accepting your love and healing... you will never give up or live me alone.  Humble me, O God, for my trust is ultimately in your goodness and mercy.  
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