COMMENTARY: The Silence of the (Media) Lambs, Part II

By Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
 On August 22, 2007, almost four years ago to the day, I wrote about the lack of journalistic guts in digging for stories and assessed their unwillingness to put certain questions to political folks and others.

This is about the latest reality of those “quiet” reporters and editorialists, totally overlooking or unwilling even to talk about in depth the folks powering the political theater of the absurd these days.

After only passing commentary sometime back, the Brothers Koch and former Congressman Dick Armey received some feature level copy and then faded into the background.  No doubt their adroit PR advisers counseled they could get more mileage for their efforts by letting something called the Tea Party do their bidding and with Armey somehow getting bankrolled for his organization called Freedom Works.
Indeed that strategy has worked. After all, where in the recent saga I called the “Theater of the Absurd” did you hear more than a syllable or two related to this trio and the Koch bucks quietly invested?

 Given the fragility of journalistic employment these days and for some time unfortunately, it’s almost understandable many reporters don’t want to rock too many boats… understandable but hardly excusable.

But this reality, some of which has been exposed in the ongoing Rupe Murdoch saga in the UK for now and threatening to come as to the United States….this reality cannot either be justified or excused in any way.

Some have been willing to suggest that the mere massiveness of corporate and individual largesse somehow makes the possessors less vulnerable to greater assistance to the economy in which they reside. There are those who think it is socialistic to ask the stronger elements to kick in a little more in taxes or other means to help in times of great need as America and other nations now suffer.

 It could not be further from the truth.

 Many of these massive owners of business and other empires also have substantial control over legislation and legislators as well, but that reality does not seem to bother many people.

 So back to the Koch folks, brothers who in their later ages have become patrons of the arts while also funding stealth attacks on the federal government and on the Obama administration in particular.  While most of us have our own upsets with the feds and the president, we do it in the open and don’t hide behind all sorts of named groups as do the Kochs with their pet former Congressman Dick Armey.

 What makes this concern even worse is the silence of the media lambs, too many of whom do not dig beneath the obvious to find out who is financing assaults on government that too closely resemble those of the Henry Fords, Hearsts, McCormicks, DuPonts and others in the FDR administrations.

Until and unless those on whom most American rely for something called objective reporting find the courage to dig deeply for truth no matter where those efforts lead, the owners of the major communications media will exercise thought control and a path that could make socialism or any other –ism a lot more terrible than the democracy we prefer.

   * * *  Joseph J. Honick is an international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications, including
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