Chat n Chew

Updated 4 years ago

Create Huntington celebrates FIVE YEARS of Chat 'n Chew this fall! It's hard to believe how many awesome projects have come to fruition as a result! If you haven't attended in a while, this month is the time to get back into the habit! There is A LOT to talk about including 30 Mile Meal activities, a bicycle share program, the city's housing stock issues, solving our grocery dilemma and more.

And Ashton Marra from WV Public Broadcasting will be joining us on September 12th to hear about Create Huntington and to shoot some video... please plan on joining us! Also on September 12th, we'll have a group joining us that's interested in hosting a Living Local fair. If you are interested in receiving Chat 'n Chew reminders and other Create Huntington news, and you didn't receive one yesterday, please message me with your email address so I can add you to the list. Hope to see you at the CnC!

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