Huntington 2010 TCE Air Violations Consent Order for $300,000 Fine, Alleged Criminal Penalties for Non-Reporting Dropped for Exceeding Limits

Under the Freedom of Information Act, HNN has just obtained, but not reviewed, where subsidiaries of Huntington Alloys paid a $300,000 fine for TCE Air Emission Violations. A copy by the EPA of TCE air and water emissions is attached. The violations occurred in 2008 and 2009.

Health effects of excessive TCE exposure include (according to EPA) are:

One study reported that increased risk of several health effects (e.g., anemia, arthritis, skin rashes) was associated with TCE exposure of children, with the highest elevated risk for hypertension (high blood pressure) in 9-18 year-old girls (22). Another study reported increased incidence of autism spectrum disorders in children living in areas with the highest quartile (25%) levels of TCE in air measured in this study.

One case of acute exposure of a teenage boy reported symptoms of loss of consciousness, fever, tremors, cardiac sinus tachycardia, and kidney damage (24)

Neurobehavioral effects in children exposed to TCE in drinking water have been reported in one
study. A clinical case series study of individuals of varying ages from three states found significant neurological or cognitive defects (e.g. sensory defects, tremor, and reflex abnormalities) in childrenand adults exposed to TCE and other organic solvents in drinking water (37).

A copy of the just released document can be downloaded as a PDF.

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