OP-ED: What Is the No-Strike Euphoria All About?

By Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick

It is hard to believe there is so much celebration over the idea there may be no strike on Syria if a trumped- up off-the-cuff suggestion by our Secretary of State might get Syrian President Assad to get rid of his chemical warfare stuff.

Reality:  there has been no collateral planning for such an effort.  No one really knows where all of the chemical stuff might be hidden or being hustled out of the country by Hizbollah.  What there is  is a public relations sounding explosion taken up by the Russians with a kind of “Wow, what an idea, guys! Why didn’t somebody think of that sooner?”

Think of what?

If this rolling new idea keeps going, there may well be no strike that the administration has blown not only tens of millions of dollars running around the world declaring it has to happen or else and throwing its shaky credibility out for all to see, what is that world to think?  And then, if we are to believe all t his investment can turn on an off the cuff remark by our Secretary of State who declared the idea an impossibility from the outset, what is going on  in the minds of supposedly smart people?

If in fact, this new promotion does get President Assad to give the heave-ho to his chemical warfare stock AND we can prove he will do it under strict supervision, President Obama long ago declared we would NOT shoot for regime change, and so strike or no strike, chemical stuff or no such stuff, it’s back to the bloody rebellion in the streets of Damascus and elsewhere that has sent tens of thousands of Syrians  to their death and many more out of the country as refugees.

So let’s put all that no-strike euphoria in perspective.  The winner will not be the people of Syria or the political standing of our own President.  The winner and still power boss will be Assad!  He never had to worry about our sending in troops to kick him out because  we said, as a matter of declared  policy we would not do it, period.

So what do we tell those folks out in the streets who thought we might strike a blow to get the regime’s attention and that we meant what we broadcast around the world for weeks as an utter imperative?

I certainly did not support this thing that has been trumpeted called a “Strike” simply because nobody was willing to tell the American people or the world what the plan might be the morning after or what specifically we figured could be achieved besides more explosions in the hope we would not any innocent people.  Besides, what I call our Intrusion Efficiency Index has not been very good.

Even assuming Assad buys into this tossed together idea with virtually no strategy, plan or other necessary ingredients, no doubt he will hoist whatever it is he drinks to celebrate.

There are those who see this action as a means to give peace a chance. Given our policy to avoid kicking the Syrian boss out, there is no peace to offer.

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Joseph J. Honick is a Bainbridge Island, WA-based  international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications, including www.huntingtonnews.net. Honick can be reached at joehonick@gmail.com.  

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