Downtown Huntington features Art Walk and Progressive Dinner

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Elsa Littlepage posing next to the Chicago Uno exhibit
Elsa Littlepage posing next to the Chicago Uno exhibit
Photo by Glen Berry

Following a "crushing" performance (according to Aaron Michael-Fox, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams Office) at the Keith Albee by comedian Bill Burr, downtown Huntington hosts the September Art Walk and Huntington's Progressive Dinner, Thursday, Sept. 19.

The Art Walk, which coordinator Elsa Littlepage describes as  one of the "best art events Huntington has ever had", runs from 5-9 p.m. Artists exhibit their work and walkers visit from location to location to converse, purchase and learn about the exhibits.

Patty DelChocolo, Kathy Welch, Cheryl Canterbury, & Jim Robinson will be painting and exhibiting at the Antique Mall, 926 Fourth Avenue. Jerrill and Belinda Vance will exhibit at Empire Books and News at Pullman Square.

Nearby, Pizza Uno's at Pullman Square continues a display of the work of Photographer Glen Berry, who hosts the Glenvision site.

The extended Pizza Uno exhibit by Berry features photos of Elsa Littlepage. "I'm the first art walk artist to get an extended display at a venue. I hope extended displays will become more commonplace for more artists at more venues", Berry said.

Coinciding with the Art Walk, the Progressive Dinner (tickets $40) features a four course dinner from four different restaurants. Participants switch restaurants for each course. Tickets are available at Adell's Antiques (Antique Mall) and Mug & Pia. The dinner benefits Downtown Huntington Partners.
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