UPDATED: McCallister Asks that City Charter Be Followed on Sanitary Board Executive Director Appointment

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UPDATED: McCallister Asks that City Charter Be Followed on Sanitary Board Executive Director Appointment

Good and Welfare now comes later in the Huntington City Council meeting, but Tom McCallister stirred those in attendance by honing on a question: Has the position of Executive Director of the Huntington Sanitary Board been advertised?

Mayor Steve Williams appointed Lou Akers as the interim executive director of the Huntington Sanitary Board September 13.  The appointment followed the August 27 surprise resignation of Kit Anderson during the board’s meeting.  Anderson took over as interim director in October 2011 following the retirement of Loretta Covington. He was named  executive director in March 2012 by the Mayor Kim Wolfe.

Anderson stated at the sanitary board meeting that he disagreed with concession made on behalf of union members.  Within days of Anderson’s resignation, the Herald Dispatch published a story that the HSB had sent a draft consent order assessing  $254,000 in fines upon Huntington Alloys for violations dating back to 1999.

McCallister stated the deadline to comply with the charter would be October 27, insisting the position must be “permanently filled” by that date.

Stating that “not much of a search” had been conducted, the former member of the charter board  asked the question of Chairman Mark Bates and requested that council ask Mayor Williams about whether advertisements for the position had been placed.

EDITOR'S NOTE: At the Tuesday morning Sanitary Board meeting, McCallister asked Mayor Williams who serves as board chairman about the impending Oct. 27 deadline for appointment of a permanent executive director.

Williams called the question "premature," adding , "We are not at [October] 27th. We know what the charter says.I have [no concern] that we can adhere to the charter and the law."

The mayor did not state whether the position had been advertised. McCallister told the HSB board of directors, "I'm impressed with the interim director. I would not be worried if he tried to fill the position."


McCallister’s question was not answered  by  council chairman Bates,  any  council member nor Mayor Steve Williams. After continuing to press for an answer, Bates called McCallister “out of order” related to name calling and time expiration.

Councilman David Ball rose to his feet in defense of the chairman, prompting a call for security.

The Comcast TV feed was then shut off.

No viewable altercation occurred in the hallway, as had happened on a prior occasion.

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