EDITORIAL: Manchin is Running Away from Obamacare for Good Reason

HNN Staff
Manchin Reverses Again
Manchin Reverses Again

As the date for implementing Obamacare looms large, something interesting is happening in Washington, D.C.  We are seeing the first Democrats at the U.S. Capitol leaning towards delaying implementation of Obamacare for a year.

That's interesting.  Is it because even their phones are ringing off the hook with constituents joining the majority of Americans who now say they oppose Obamacare?  Or is there something else afoot here? 

After all, this position runs counter to the typical Democratic response, namely to defend the President's signature piece of social legislation against all comers.  Now an increasing number of Democratic leaders are among the comers!

Take U.S. Senator Joe Manchin for example.  Manchin could not have done more to support Obamacare when it first rolled out four years ago.  Yet now, on a national morning TV talk show, he is seen saying that he could go for a year's delay on implementing Obamacare.

Manchin and others may say that it's just to work the kinks out, but what if the real reason is that they can see serious political danger ahead, with a new federal program that has raised hopes sky-high, only to be a colossal mess.

For example, we haven't heard a good explanation yet from Manchin or the Obama Administration about the options for many middle class families facing the following unforeseen dilemma next year if Obamacare goes through:

Let's say that the family's chief breadwinner works for a company that has decided to eliminate their health insurance benefit since Obamacare is now available. Or perhaps they will keep the employee on their health insurance plan but will no longer allow him to add his wife and children. 

At Obamacare's nearly $3,000 per person cost, that breadwinner may not have the resources to fund an additional $3,000, $6,000, $9,000 at this time.  Yet the federal government's formula for determining who gets assistance may not work in his favor, either.

So, he simply does what he has to do and doesn't buy the Obamcare coverage that he can't afford this year.  The family is without coverage, which is certainly sad, but they redouble their preventive health efforts and are careful.

Question:  Does this hapless individual get nailed with the pricey Obamacare penalty provision for simply not purchasing a plan he can in no way afford?

Since when do we penalize people in this company with a stiff fine for simply not making enough money?

Multiply that example by many lower-middle class Americans and you begin to see why Democrats like Senator Manchin are heading for the hills to get away from Obamacare.  

Manchin's party and president promised the moon to many, offering what seemed like free health care to all.  Instead, the truth about the pricetag to individual American families is coming out. 

When they lose their decent health care insurance from their employers, many of whom will decide to opt out of providing that benefit due to the added expense the Obamacare law demands, they may soon wish for the old days again.  The pre-Obama days.


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