ANALYSIS: Compliance Volunteers not Ready

Updated 4 years ago by Tony Rutherford, Editor
ANALYSIS: Compliance Volunteers not Ready

When Huntington City Council initiated the Huntington in Bloom beautification program, they authorized compliance officials to issue immediate tickets for violations, such as front porches containing furniture and other items normally stored indoors or elsewhere.

At the time, members of council and Mayor Steve Williams indicated that the city was not interested in collecting fines. In fact, he said that the officers and others would be happy to assist the elderly and disabled, among others.

Having spoken before council providing praise to the West Huntington Public Library , a proposal for fire extinguisher education, and a re-examination of towing and 48 hour ordinances on the books, Mike Thompson, a veteran and amputee, has received two visits from compliance officials concerning his front porch in West Huntington.

In his words, "I only got one leg, I need a little help," the self-styled Huntington "Rambo" said. "The chair will not go anywhere," he said, adding that he might have the  porch enclosed. "It's also hard to move [items] with the ramp."

The praiseworthy passage of the ordinances assisted in restoring pride to the city and assisted in its second place in the Huntington in Bloom contest.

Isn't it time for the volunteer portion to kick in?

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