Marshall Postgame Quotes

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Marshall Quotes
Doc Holliday, Head Coach
Opening Statement

“Anytime you have a homecoming game and everyone coming back it’s always good to see all the fans, former players and alumni walking out of the stadium with a good taste in their mouths. It’s great to get a win. I had major concerns about that football team coming in. I thought that football team to only be three years into their program and accomplish what they have is amazing. Going into this game they were averaging 500 yards and did it against good teams. I didn’t know how successful we would be at stopping them. Coach (Chuck) Heater and that defensive staff did a tremendous job. We were able to take away their perimeter runs. The turnovers were huge for us and our defense continues to get better offensively. I’ve said at times I don’t think we are statistically better than last year, but we can be a better offense. We slowed down in the second half and worked some clock. We ran the ball and were able to pick up first downs and stick that last touchdown in. Which was good to see and the special teams had some really great returns and things are starting to come along a little bit. Our goal was to play our most complete game yet and I think we did that. We are (1-0) in Conference USA. It’s important to get to that point. We have to have a great week of preparation for next week.”

On Marshall’s defensive line
“I thought going in that their skill players were very good and their quarterback was excellent. Their offensive line had not been dominated by Oklahoma State, Arizona or anyone they have played. Our kids for the most part got after them pretty good. We were able to take care of the perimeter runs with our secondary and our safeties. They all played well.”

On the fast start of the defense coming off an open week
“The one positive about our open week was that we were preparing for a different kind of team. For us to have two weeks to prepare for the perimeter runs and the way they threw the ball was great for us. Our defensive backs did an excellent job at taking away the easy access throws and got interceptions a couple times. I thought the defensive backs played extremely well. They tackled well. The linebackers did a great job of running and it was great to see.”

On the 17-point first quarter
“They (UTSA) won the toss and took the ball, but I think it was the turnovers. The field position on kick-off has been tremendous. He is one of the top five guys in the country in touchbacks. The field position the defense has started with has been huge. We got two turnovers back to back. We had two interceptions in the first half that gave us great field advantage. We turned one into a touchdown and the other into three points. We knew going in to this game that they have some 300-pounders on their line that not a whole lot of people have been able to block. I think at times we blocked them well. Offensively, I think we executed really well except for the end of the first half.”


Marshall Player Quotes
Stefan Houston, freshman linebacker
On getting back on the field following injury
“It feels really good to be back out there on the field after the injury I had since the end of camp. It makes me feel a lot better to be back out there with my teammates and contributing.”

On leading the team with eight tackles
“This game helped me to be able to show what I can do when I get on the field. It feels great to be able to help my team get this win today.”

On recognizing what UTSA wanted to do on offense
“We felt very comfortable after watching tape for two week because of the open week last week. We knew what they were going to do and we did a great job at setting the momentum. They didn’t chop block as much as we expected and I think that is how we got an advantage over them.

A.J. Leggett, redshirt freshman safety
On keeping UTSA’s offense out of the game
“The coaches are always emphasizing the importance of setting the tone. We were setting tones with the offense early. The defense began to set the tone with creating turnovers. We came in with a great attitude and everyone played well.”

On giving UTSA weird looks and moving around before snap
“We prepared for it. We had two weeks to prepare. The coaches did a great job at putting us in spots to make plays. They really prepared us for this game.”

Rakeem Cato, junior quarterback
On the longest drive of the season
“For an offense that is great. The entire offense executed on the last drive and that helped us to clinch the game.”

On the quick start
“We got off to a great start, but we have to continue to improve. We have to keep trying to get as many points as we can. Our defense played a great game again. We just have to keep improving and keep getting better at the things we do.”

On ball security
“Coach Holliday preaches that to us every day. We have to hold on to the ball. I, myself have to hold on to the ball. It was a great play from the defensive lineman. They got the turnover, but our defense was good enough to hold them to only three points off that turnover. We have to take care of the ball. The defensive lineman blindsided me on the turnover. I didn’t see him coming. It was a great play by him.”
On getting the ball on the opposing 30-yard line to start the drive
“It’s great. It’s a great feeling, but at the same time as an offense we want to score 14 points not 10 points. We will watch film tomorrow and we have to do a better job at that.”

Larry Coker, UTSA head coach
On what went wrong for the Roadrunners
“A lot of things went wrong. We didn’t play our best, for one, and the third down was a disaster for us. We had so many third downs lost or mis-converted. (Marshall) converted third downs. Early in the game, the tips fell their way, which was huge for Marshall. They’ve got a good football team. Let’s give them credit.”

On the speed of Marshall’s defense
“They’re very fast. Their defensive front was fast. I think that was something that we hadn’t seen. They also had good size on the front. Their fore-pads are very athletic and they have outstanding speed.”

On the setbacks of negative plays
“You can’t win with negative plays. That’s huge. That’s a bad situation. The negative plays are disastrous for anyone – you fall behind on the chains and your defense has a huge disadvantage.”

Steven Kurfehs, senior linebacker
On trying to control Marshall’s offense
“They’re an explosive team. They move the ball down the field really fast. We just couldn’t make some plays and some critical stops. The third downs really hurt us, but we should give them credit. They’re a great football team and they came out and played today.”

On moving forward to the second half of the season
“That’s been our motto throughout the season – whether you win or lose, you have to forget it and move on to the next game. We’ll look at the film tomorrow and move on to the next one.”


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