Vocal Council Member Against Urban Bambi Hunt

Updated 6 years ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

An urban deer hunt has been proposed by several hunting enthusiasts to thin out the population in the wooded hilly areas near the Huntington Museum of Art.

Some Inwood Garden Club members approached council chairman Mark Bates about the proposal. During its Thursday work session, Public Safety Committee Chairman David Ball voiced a resounding no. The avid hunter declared, "in no shape or form should we even think about having an urban hunt in any of our parks. I'm telling you straight-up right now, no."

Council woman Joyce Clark asked whether coyotes would be next and Ball cynically alluded to a bow and arrow bear hunt.

City Attorney Scott McClure explained that any such proposal would not turn hunters loose, suggesting a possible do not feed wild animals ordinance.  Ball indicated he would listen to residents and see if an alternative could be found.

Mayor Steve Williams said he would rely on council's wisdom. He will not veto or advocate the proposal


In addition,  the Mayor said the First Street Viaduct remains closed for repairs while West Virginia American Water undertakes the sink hole repairs through a contractor. Williams at the time of the meeting did not know if any expenses from the repair will be passed on to the city.

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