Work Session Hears about Resurgence in Huntington

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

Huntington is “popping in resurgence” opined Huntington City Councilman Dave Ball at the work session Thursday afternoon, Oct. 24. Ball expressed enthusiasm for a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau report that within less than a year, 300 Marshall University students , faculty and staff will be occupying the new arts center opposite Pullman Square.  In addition, the number will be bolstered by the opening of a new tele-marketing  firm in River Tower West.

Earlier in the work session, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams reported that city collection of sales taxes are running about $917,000 ahead of budget.

Construction in the city so far represents a decrease from about $23 million to $20 million; however, the Mayor reported that two projects were today received for “review.”  One project would be for six million and the other  for eleven million.

“These are indications of what’s happening in Huntington,” Williams told council.

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