COUNCIL: Mayor Working on Hal Greer Pedestrian Access, Automatic Business License Revocation for Delinquint B & O Taxes

Updated 5 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Pedestrian crossing improvements are not on Monday night’s Huntington City Council agenda, but Mayor Steve Williams told members that a series of meetings have been held with Cabell Huntington Hospital, KYOVA Planning , Ed Tucker architects and the West Virginia Department of Transportation.

Williams praised constituent liaison Jim Johnson for “speaking and delivering” concerning “twisting arms of DOT” to have street lights replaced in an area past CHH and the Frostop.

The Monday agenda has been modified following work session discussions. The proposed bicycle tail light ordinance will be withdrawn, pending implementation of a full scale bike safety campaign proposed by Charles Holley, which will have more comprehensive safety considerations rather than simply lighting.  Channel 24 will likely play a part in the disbursal of information.

Based on the Thursday session, Williams anticipated that the two or three boats left at the marina were scheduled for removal over the weekend. The Mayor expects full dismantling of the area by Superior Marine to take “two or three days… then we will have the riverfront clear.”

Up for first reading, a proposed ordinance that would automatically revoke a business’ city license if they become more than 60 days behind on paying B & O taxes.

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