PARALLEL UNIVERSE: War on 'Entitlement' Programs Like Social Security Being Waged by GOP -- and Obama

By David M. Kinchen
PARALLEL UNIVERSE: War on 'Entitlement' Programs Like Social Security Being Waged by GOP -- and Obama
I've said it before and I'll say it again: We're a nation seemingly "stuck on stupid"-- to borrow a phrase from retired Gen. Russel L. Honoré  of Hurricane Katrina fame,  who famously said "Don't get stuck on stupid" as flood waters swamped the Crescent City.


Richard (RJ) Eskow writes under the headline "7 Reasons to Take 7 Seconds to Save Social Security":

that the overwhelmingly popular programs are under attack by both Republicans and the Obama Administration.

More than 80 percent of Republican voters are in favor of keeping the programs unmolested. That's what I call popular! My wife and I are both dependent on the programs to survive -- and I don't consider something I've paid into over a lifetime of hard work an "entitlement."  Any more than if I had paid into an annuity or pension plan over my working life.

Eskow writes:

A broad coalition of organizations, including the Campaign for America’s Future and Social Security Works, is joining Sen. Bernie Sanders in a petition drive to resist cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. It only takes a few moments to sign; it’s that easy.

This is one of the most important and urgent issues facing us today. Republican leaders are pressing for these cuts, even though they’re opposed by an overwhelming 82 percent majority of Republican voters (according to recent polling by Lake Research). The President’s budget proposal includes some of these cuts already, despite the fact that Democrats and independents oppose them by similarly large majorities.

The threat is very real, and these cuts could take place with very little warning. On a personal note: I signed. I did it because a lot of people would suffer needlessly by the kind of deal they’re cooking up. I did it because I think it’s wrong to allow the privileged and powerful to overrule the will of the people. And frankly, I did it because I’m scared. This deal could be done before most Americans even see it coming.

It’s fast and easy to sign this petition. It only took me seven seconds. 

And he goes on to list the seven reasons why you should sign the petition.

 Eskow adds: "As Dave Johnson notes, the press has failed to report just how determined Republicans are to cut these programs." He says that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis) notes that "Some of these cuts are in the President’s budget.  The president’s latest budget does include cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security: the chained CPI benefit cuts; $57 billion in increased out-of-pocket contributions from Medicare enrollees; $306 billion in reduced Medicare provider reimbursements; and $19 billion in Medicaid cuts."

"Unfortunately,  Ryan is right," says Eskow. 

My solution is simple: Abolish the NSA, whose spying is destroying our relationships with friendly nations the world over. That should save a ton of money that would benefit the social programs and infrastructure improvements our nation so desperately needs. We already have enough spies in the CIA and in the FBI and military intelligence units. The NSA serves no useful purpose.

I'd also like to see cuts in "defense" spending and an elimination of the cap on the Social Security tax. This would only affect people who can afford it, not the besieged middle class. 

Read Eskow's screed and weep for our stupid, stupid nation!