Budget Review Subject of Special Council Meeting

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A special meeting of Huntington City Council has been called for Thursday, Nov. 7 following the 4 p.m. work session.

Council chairman Mark Bates indicated that the meeting will include comprehensive financial reporting consistent with a budget hearing.

A budget revision that would have provided funding for a Communications Director and other adjustments has been delayed until after the Nov. 7 meeting.

“in the spirit of having done our due diligence, I polled council [Monday] and the consensus  was to delay the budget [revision] resolution until that special call,” Bates said.  Some concerns had been expressed for  “not having adequate data to cross check.”

The revision  incorporates $917,000 of sales tax, bringing the revised total to $6,431,149.  Major proposed expenditures include an additional $600,000 for the city’s self-insurance program, $65,765 for the Police Department, $55,000 for the Mayor’s office (including increasing the salary of a proposed communications director), $74,819 for flood control/soil conservation, $80,000 for storm sewers, $30,000 for the watershed project, $20,000 for streets and highways, and  $15,000 for economic development.

An account for storm sewer increases from $69,379 to $149,379 and the watershed project grows from $166,514 to $196,514.

Asked if council members had any particular concerns, Bates responded, “all the numbers.”

Due to the updating of software, Finance Director Deron Runyon had not provided detail print outs of the city’s fiscal status to council since June 2013. In response to a work session request, he provided data for July and August 2013 before the meeting, The mayor also attributed the delay to “installation of the new software system.”

Bates added, “We just received July and August today. I’m promised that by Nov. 7 we will have through September and possibly a preliminary look at October numbers,” Bates said.

The detailed budget hearing prior to discussion of the proposed expenditures allows us to “have all the data in front of us to make an educated decision.”

Bates referred to the delay and examination as “minor,” agreeing that the look see would facilitate discussion of the overall status and   progress of the current fiscal year’s projections  as a whole.


During the council meeting, Mayor Williams announced that Cabell Huntington Hospital will undertake two expansion projects totaling $17 million dollars.

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