COMMENTARY: Bodies 'Shoved Under Bus' to Stall Obama's Campaign Junket?

By John W. Lillpop
COMMENTARY: Bodies 'Shoved Under Bus' to Stall Obama's Campaign Junket?
Rather than toning down his job-killing, anti-business, and higher taxes rhetoric in order to help America’s battered economy create jobs, President Obama has decided to take his “message” directly to the people, via a bus tour through Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa.

“The president will discuss ways to grow the economy, strengthen the middle class and accelerate hiring in communities and towns across the nation and hear directly from Americans, including local families and small business owners,” the White House said in a statement.

Translated into honest English, the White House statement reads, “The president will advise Americans to abandon the old-school ‘Hope and Change’ loose talk from 2008, and accept reality. Its called ‘Get Used to It’ and involves coming to terms with 9% or greater unemployment forever, ungodly deficits that will take generations to retire, and a credit rating which proves that American Exceptionalism is a relic from the past.”
John W. Lillpop
John W. Lillpop

“The president will also advise the electorate to blame the putrid economy and lack of jobs on Republicans, S&P, and most especially, Tea Party terrorists.”

Predictably, the Obama administration will send the bills for this partisan malarkey to we the people.

That is so because this sight-seeing gala is being touted as an “official” rather than “campaign” event by word weasels with accounting and law degrees operating out of offices occupied by tyrants and ne’er do well bag men in the Czar Wing of the White House.

Still, there is great hope that the Obama bus will stall in the driveway of the White House and never invade Minnesota, Illinois, or Iowa.

Should that blessed stall come to pass, Obama might want to check the under-belly of his bus for those whom have ‘Shoved Under the Bus’ in order to advance the career and ambitions of Barack Hussein Obama.

A partial list of those whom the president has made into Obama Road Kill include:

Pastor Jeremiah Wright
Tony Rezko
Louis Farrakhan
Jim Johnson
Wesley Clark
Rod Blagojveich 
Van Jones
State of Alabama
State of Arizona

A more complete list is available at
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