Altizer Found Dog Needs Home

Updated 6 years ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
 Altizer Found Dog Needs Home

A little black dog wandering Altizer for several weeks has touch hearts on Facebook around the country.

Nancy Dishman said, "the girl who caught him could not tell gender he was so matted and smelled of infection."

"Jack" has been taken to the Proctorville Animal Clinic , where he has been treated for an ear infection and placed on antibiotics.

"It is evident this boy has had tough times, outside without care," Dishman said.

Councilman Rick Simmons and his family have pledged $10 "to help get Jack back on his feet," adding, "I am proud to be a councilman in communities that share their caring."

Donations can be called to PAC 740-886-9424 and applied to One by One Rescue account or sent via paypal at

The PAC staff  said he has behaved wonderfully, and seems to be grateful for gentle touches!

"His next stop today will be at Wigglebutts, where he will be shaved," Dishman said.

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