Marshall School of Pharmacy professor publishes pediatric research

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. Dr. Chris Gillette, assistant professor of pharmacy practice, administration and research with the Marshall University School of Pharmacy, is a member of several research teams that recently published papers on pediatric asthma management.

Gillette's research was published in the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, Clinical Pediatrics,  Journal of Asthma and Pediatric Pulmonology, all  peer-reviewed journals.

His study published in the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice looked at how often children and parents of children with asthma who report problems with asthma medications asked about those medications during a routine medical visit. 

"We found that about one in three parents who reported a problem with their child's medications asked questions and one in 10 children asked questions during their doctor's visit," Gillette said. "The conclusion of the paper is that pharmacists should encourage parents and children to report problems they may be having in using their medications."

The study published in Clinical Pediatrics focused on the frequency with which providers discussed written asthma action plans with children and their caregivers.  The study in the Journal of Asthma reviewed how often medical providers discussed peak flow meter use with children and their caregivers, and the research in Pediatric Pulmonology looked at how often medical providers discussed the side effects of asthma medications with children and their caregivers.
The collaborative projects involved researchers from the University of North Carolina's medical and pharmacy schools as well as San Diego State University, Husson University and Indiana University, among others. Additional recent research publications by School of Pharmacy faculty members include:

  • Dr. H. Glenn Anderson, Jr.,  associate dean for academic and curricular affairs, "A Standardized Patient Counseling Rubric for a Pharmaceutical Care and Communications Course," American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.
  • Dr. Hasan Koc, assistant professor and director of pharmacometrics and pharmacoanalysis,  along with Dr. Emine C. Koc, assistant professor of biochemistry and microbiology, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine,  authored a chapter in the book, "Translation in Mitochondria and Other Organelles."
  • Dr. Angel Kimble, clinical assistant professor, department of pharmacy practice, administration and research, "Pharmacist interventions throughout care transitions: a review of current practices," International Current Pharmaceutical Journal.

The Marshall University School of Pharmacy admitted its first class of students in 2012.

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