The International Film Festival brings Culture and Drama to the Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center

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HUNTINGTON, WV-   Filled with a variety of international films, the fall  festival is sure to inspire and enlighten each individual who attends.  This film festival takes place  November 18-21, 2013 at the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center.

Kicking off this festival is the film The Untouchables (France), which is an inspiring comedy about trust, friendship, and human possibility.  This film tells the true story of a physically disabled, wealthy risk taker who lost his wife in an accident and whose world is in a cluster.  However, after hiring a young and good-humored black Muslim ex-con as his caretaker, he finds that the omniscience and power of love and friendship can conquer all differences (This film is presented in French with English Subtitles – 1 hr. 50 mins.)

The Untouchables shows on Monday, Nov. 18 @ 5:30 pm, Thursday, Nov. 21 @ 5:30 pm

From acclaimed director Matteo Garrone, Reality (Italy) is a dark and comedic look at Luciano, an affable and charming fishmonger whose obsession with being a cast member on the reality show “Big Brother” leads him down a path of no return.  Skewed perceptions and paranoia plague Luciano as he desperately tries to save himself from this nightmarish reality.  This film is the most riveting tragicomic character study since Scorsese’s The King of Comedy (This film is presented in Italian with English Subtitles – 1 hr. 55 mins.)

Reality shows on Monday, Nov. 18 @ 7:30 pm

The Silence (Germany) begins 23 years ago when a young girl named Pia is viciously murdered in a wheat field.  Now, on the very date that this gruesome account happened, 13 year-old Sinikka goes missing as her bicycle is left at the exact spot of Pia’s murder.  Sinikka’s parents find themselves useless in this tragic situation and can do nothing but wait.  However, the retired investigator and his young colleague can’t seem to crack the case.  Sinikka’s fate also brings back painful memories for Pia’s mother, who is visited by an eerie guest that has a unique connection to her daughter.  The relentless summer heat isolates this family, as unknown to the community, the family begins to fall apart (This film is presented in German with English Subtitles – 1 hr. 59 mins.)

The Silence shows on Wednesday, Nov. 20 @ 7:30 pm

Winner of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, The Angel’s Share (UK/Scotland/Belgium/Italy) is a bittersweet comedy about a Glasgow boy held in a family feud, desperately trying to get out.  When this boy named Robbie visits his girlfriend in the hospital and holds his newborn son, Luke, he is overwhelmed with emotions.  Robbie vows to see Luke not live the same tangled life that he led.  Performing community service, Robbie meets Rhino, Albert, and Mo.  Like Robbie, work seems like a distant dream for these individuals.  However, none of these gentlemen imagined that their lives would change by turning to the best malt whiskies in the world (This film is presented in English – 1 hr. 46 mins.)

The Angel’s Share shows on Tuesday, Nov. 19 @ 5:30 pm

Love Is All You Need (Denmark) features Philip, a lonely widower and estranged single father.  Ida, a Danish hairdresser has just been left by her husband and is recovering from an illness.  The fates of these individuals are about to combine as they venture to Italy to attend the wedding of Patrick and Astrid, Philip’s son and Ida’s daughter.  This film expresses a multitude of emotions: love, loss, humor, and absurdity.  Also, there are delicately drawn characters that will touch each individual in the theater.  This is a film about the agony and joy of moving on with life (This film is presented in Danish with English Subtitles – 1 hr. 56 mins.)

Love Is All You Need shows on Wednesday, Nov. 20 @ 5:30 pm

No (Chile) is about a shrewd young ad-exec who is recruited to help free Chile from Augusto Pinochet, a powerful dictator.  This historical drama is set in 1988 and depicts the ruler of Chile, Pinochet as being in jeopardy of losing his position. Although he has ruled Chile for nearly two decades, international community pressures lead to a national election that could change the fate of the country.  Though the population remains convinced that the election is fixed, the opportunity to provide change through peaceful means is too great to resist (This film is presented in Spanish with English Subtitles – 1 hr. 50 mins.)

No shows on Tuesday, Nov. 19 @ 7:30 pm; Thursday, Nov. 21 @ 7:30 pm

Tickets for the Fall International Film Festival are $7.50 per film or $70 for both the Fall and Spring International Film Festivals (12 films total).  Tickets may be purchased at the Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center, advance tickets are not necessary.  Tickets go on sale 15 minutes prior to each film.  For more information call 304-696-6656 or visit our website at

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