DEVOTION: Have Mercy

by Beth Bondurant
DEVOTION: Have Mercy
HUNTINGTON, WV  (HNN) - Rules and regulations are necessary to keep order and justice... Have Mercy!The right way suggests there might be many ways... Have Mercy! When we are responsible for following procedure... Have Mercy! God's compassion is compelling... Have Mercy!
How many times every day do we face a decision to stand firm... to Have Mercy!

You have great faith! Your request is granted."

The Master reminds us that we live by our faith... that where our heart is... there is the guiding force of our life.

So again... where is my faith?  To whom can I say... "Have Mercy"!

O God... we do rely on your grace ...your love... your unconditional compassion that pours out mercy and healing with every breath of the Spirit.  Forgive me for seeking other realms of power and control in my life... for looking in the wrong places for graciousness and forgiveness... for hope and help.  By faith... we can move mountains... we can become your "called out people" who open our hearts with kindness and gentleness... with goodness and patience... with joy and peace.  Wash me clean from my misconception of spirituality and faith.  Help me cling to the meaning of grace... not only for myself but for my family... my friends... the world around me.  Have mercy, O God, on my sinful selfishness... and open my heart and hands to reach out in compassion no matter what the circumstance.  Have Mercy!

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