Arts Summit Summary

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Notes from Meeting

* There were short presentations from the following persons;

o Mitzi Sinnott – Actress and Playwright discussed her work, Snapshot

o Bill Smith – Cabell County Superintendent of Schools discussed The Incubator School and Expeditionary Learning

o David Seth Syfers and Jill LaFear – Arts entrepreneurs discussed their arts-based business, Ackenpucky Creative, LLC


* Don Van Horn of the MU College of Arts and Media made a presentation about the new MU Visual Arts Center which will be opening in downtown Huntington in August, 2014


* Mayor Steve Williams made a presentation about the arts and the City of Huntington and his plans to appoint a Mayor’s Council on the Arts and to have an arts festival.


* Tyson Compton made a presentation on the status of the application for the Certified Arts Community. He noted that the original application had been tabled. We plan to reapply by reworking the application to include more in depth information about the arts organizations and artist groups in Huntington as well as to include information about the Summit and its success. He and Margaret Mary Layne will work on this and hope to have it refiled before the end of the year.


* Bre Shell presented a summary of the ideas and goals generated at the 2012 Arts Summit. (copy attached)


* Margaret Mary Layne noted that in order for the Summit to be viable and constructive we needed to create an infrastructure in which it will operate. It had been proposed at the last Summit that we create subgroups representing each discipline and that each subgroup would meet throughout the year to discuss topics of interest and to plan their calendar of events for the upcoming 12-18 months. Ms. Layne proposed that we adopt this as the operational structure for the Summit and its members. After much discussion, this proposal was adopted.


* Following is an outline of the responsibilities and purposes of each subgroup:

o Elect a Chair for each subgroup for a one year term

o At each meeting attendees would bring dates of events of which they are aware for purposes of contributing to a community wide arts calendar – ultimately the goal is to have these dates set 12-18 months in advance.

o At each meeting attendees can discuss topics relevant to the arts

o The Chair will:

* Maintain a list of subgroup members with contact information

* Establish a method to communicate – e-mail, social media, Google groups, etc.

* Schedule at least two meetings during the upcoming year

* Notify subgroup members of the meeting dates

* Post meeting notices, progress and relevant information on the Huntington Arts Summit FB page

* Create and present a report at each Arts Summit of the activities of the subgroup as well as the list of calendared events for their discipline


* Sarah Denman and Phoebe Randolph next facilitated dividing the attendees into groups by art discipline where they scheduled their first meeting and appointed a chair.

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