Cheryl Hunter, Chair of the Southern West Virginia Tea Party, Endorses Pat McGeehan for U.S. Senate

From a McGeehan 2014 Press Release


Chester, WV. –Cheryl Hunter, Chair of the Southern West Virginia Tea Party, today endorsed Pat McGeehan in the race to replace retiring U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller.

In a released statement Hunter said McGeehan’s committment to Tea Party principles and the cause for liberty make him the right choice for West Virginians.

“Pat McGeehan believes in adherence to the U.S. Constitution, he believes government should be smaller, not bigger. Pat won't vote to raise the debt ceiling or increase taxes. Pat McGeehan is the Tea Party conservative in the race for U.S. Senate and I ask all West Virginians to support his campaign,” Hunter said.

This recent endorsement is the latest in a long line of Republican leaders, candidates, elected officials and conservative groups all over the Mountain State who have chosen Pat McGeehan to be the next U.S. Senator to represent West Virginia.

“I am incredibly humbled and honored to have the endorsement of Cheryl Hunter. Tea Party groups like the Southern West Virginia Tea Party are changing the status quo in West Virginia,” McGeehan said.

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