Mozier Speaks at Visitor's Center on Oracles 2014

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On Tuesday, December 3 at 7pm, noted Berkeley Springs astrologer, Jeanne Mozier, delivers an informative lecture exploring trends in the year to come.  Entitled "More Disruption. More Irrationality.

Better Costumes,"  the 90-minute lecture outlines future directions in foreign affairs, economics, health, fashion and other topics as well as personal life.  The talk is held in the conference room of the Visitors Center in the Cabell-Huntington CVB at Heritage Station and is open to the public. Admission is only $10.

Although this is her first appearance in Huntington, Mozier has been delivering prediction lectures each year since 1977 in locations around the eastern United States and can document an impressive list of accurate predictions including both the real estate crash and the recession.  For the talk in Huntington and other West Virginia locations she also includes a look at the year ahead for the state and its political candidates.  Mozier's lectures draw on both her academic training at Cornell and Columbia universities and background as a trends analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency as well as astrological patterns.

"Many analysts can look at data collected from various sources and deliver general trends predictions," said Mozier.  "Only the system used by astrology allows for timing of a future event down to the day."   Among the

general trends Mozier cites are a continued drift away from reason and the rise of "virtual" reality, increased optimism and taste for luxury among the public that translates into an improved economy, and some positive trends

for personal relationships and efforts towards peace.  "My prediction last year was that 2013 was the year of the woman in West Virginia and here we are with two female candidates for the U.S. Senate," she said.  "The stars reveal some interesting connections between the two as well as projected outcomes." 

Mozier's interest in Senate candidates extends to her newly published novel, "Senate Magic" which blends imaginative insights on power, mysticism and the action of love and darkness on a political campaign.  She will be signing the new book following the lecture.  Mozier is an award-winning author of non-fiction including the best-selling "Way Out in West Virginia" soon to be available in an expanded 4th edition. 

No knowledge of astrology is needed to understand and use the information presented in the talk.  CDs of the talk will be available afterwards.  The Cabell-Huntington CVB is located at 210 11th St. in downtown Huntington.

For additional information, contact Mozier online:

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