Delegate Mike Folk stands up for 2nd Amendment Rights in West Virginia

From Press Release

Martinsburg, WV- Michael “Mike” Folk, Delegate from the 63rd District, is introducing “Constitutional Carry” in the upcoming West Virginia Legislative Session.

Constitutional Carry, also knows as the "Alaskan Model" does not require legal gun owners to pay for training and government permits to exercise your right to keep and bear arms, while still allowing permits to be issued for those seeking reciprocity with other states.

“Does exercising your right to keep and bear arms mean you should have to pay government fees?  Do you have to get a government permit or training to ‘open carry’ in West Virginia? No,” said Delegate Folk,” A pure Constitutional Carry bill would not require you to beg for permission from the government to carry a firearm, nor require you to spend hundreds on government-mandated, training classes”

West Virginia currently has “open carry” which means you can carry without a permit, as long as the weapon is visible. “Permits and their associated fees are a coat tax. Open carry is legal without a permit”, continued Folk, “so by simply wearing a coat and concealing your firearm, you must pay the ‘coat tax’ to carry concealed.”

“The second amendment says that we have the right to bear arms; it does not say only if it’s visible or only if you are hunting.”

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