Disability Amendment Stands in Human Relations Ordinance

Updated 6 years ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Disability Amendment Stands in Human Relations Ordinance

The substitution of  “disabled” for the word “handicap” in a pending human relations ordinance will remain, according to at large council member Rebecca Thacker.

Calling the change a “win” for people with disabilities, Ms. Thacker had been notified last week by City Attorney Scott McClure that the so-called “H word” did not have to be included for legal precedent.

At the previous council meeting, Ms. Thacker offered the amendment which initiated a debate. Both Thacker and Rick Simmons  stated to council they would vote “no” unless the disabled was substituted for the now, non-politically correct “handicap”.

Prior to conducting legal research, McClure had expressed concern that an alteration might “make a mess of the ordinance”. The caution led to council members discussing alternate scenarios, if the research supported the use of "handicap".

The ordinance which will have its second reading Monday, Dec. 23, adds sexual orientation and veterans to the list of those groups protected from discrimination.

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