Famous Vapers: Hollywood Celebs and their E-Cigs

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Famous Vapers: Hollywood Celebs and their E-Cigs

by Samantha West

According to Business Insider, E-cigarettes have officially surpassed the $1 billion per year mark in sales. Purchases in brick and mortar shops are soaring with $700 million in revenue, and online purchases aren’t far behind. Yes, E-cigs have stormed the culture since their relatively quiet debut in 2006, and they are now enjoying a higher profile than ever. At least part of the popularity has to do with the big-time celebs who are doing their part to make “vaping” chic.

The appeal both celebrities and regular folks alike see in E-cigs is obvious: there is no actual smoke involved. The electronic apparatus functions as a delivery device for nicotine-infused vapor. And while the science is still coming in, all signs point to E-cigarettes as being light years healthier than a standard filtered smoke.

So with that in mind, here’s a quick list of some famous faces that have swapped their paper tobacco for an atomizer.

Katherine Heigl

Few celebrities are more responsible for raising the profile of the E-cigarette itself than Heigl. The former Grey’s Anatomy star made an appearance on Letterman in 2010, singing the praises of the newly popular device. Not only did she break down the anatomy of the apparatus, she gave the audience a full demonstration on national television. Even Letterman got in on the act and tried it out. Heigl later claimed in Parade Magazine that, because of E-cigarettes, she hadn’t smoked a real butt in six months.

Leonardo DiCaprio

As Jack Dawson in Titanic, 1997’s favorite heartthrob enjoyed the occasional rolled tobacco cigarette. Even off screen, Leonardo DiCaprio is purported to puff on fine cigars. These days, the nearly 40-year-old actor seems to be settling into a slower gear, and that goes for his habits as well. DiCaprio has been repeatedly spotted out and about puffing away on his vaporizer, probably hoping, like Heigl, to wean himself off the paper cigarette for good.

Dennis Quaid

The handsome leading man shot to fame in the 1980s with films such as “The Right Stuff,” and “Enemy Mine.” But what may work for many years in an actor’s career likely won’t do as the years advance. Like many folks both in and outside of show business, Quaid seems to want to lead a healthier lifestyle in his later years, which is likely why he’s now seen vaping in public.

Jenny McCarthy

The Former Singled Out star has recently returned to television in a couple big ways. Yes, she’s one of the new hosts on popular daytime talk show “The View,” but she’s also featured in commercial advertisements for E-cigarettes. In each ad, the voluptuous mom can be seen in full puff mode.

Simon Cowell

Everyone’s favorite hateable contest judge managed to keep his cigarette smoking largely under wraps for much of his public life. However, it seems he’s looking to kick the habit for good by switching to E-cigarettes. On top of the vitamin injections and Botox, E-cigs are just one more way the 50-something star is looking to help turn back the clock.

While it certainly isn’t advisable to herald a lot of the behavior on display by celebrities, there is something to be said for looking at alternatives to cigarette smoking. And E-cigarettes merely service to show that these new devices cut a wide swath across the social landscape.

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