Council Voting on Amended Dietz Hollow Storm Water Diversion Proposal

Updated 17 weeks ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

Huntington City Council will vote tonight, Dec. 23, on two ordinances, including one that could result in an up to 75% reduction in leachate treatment costs at the Dietz Hollow Landfill.

Honeywell has proposed a plan whereby storm water runoff would be diverted so that it would not have to undergo contamination treatment which filters contaminants.

Council will vote on a second amendment to the Honeywell International contract.

In addition,  council considers  amending the city’s anti-discrimination policy to add  “gender” and “veterans” as covered groups while tweaking the wording to remove “handicap” and substitute “disabled.”

Two resolutions shift the compliance inspector position and its salary  from the public works department  to the police department. A third resolution would authorize the mayor to apply for a $49,500 water conservation grant for use in developing the Harris Riverfront skatepark.

The first reading of an ordinance which regulates “camping” within city limits will have its first reading.

Police Chief Skip Holbrook explained that the city will still exercise “compassion” and “helpfulness” for the homeless, but the ordinance addresses where and when public property can be used for camping.

Mayor Steve Williams explained at the Thursday work session  that the ordinance does not relate to groups such as Civil War re-enactors or other organizations, which would be granted temporary permits. Nor does it interfere with the self-expression of groups such as the Occupy movement, which during its demonstration had to comply with public health and public safety issues.

Likely, the first reading of the storm water program start up has attracted the most attention. As Williams stated at the work session, this is a proposed first step in “making the streets stop flooding.”

Finally, council’s agenda includes eight appointments and re-appointments to boards and committees.  If approved, former council member Dr. Cal Kent will be named as a new member of the Huntington Municipal Development Authority (HMDA).

Council meets at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at Huntington City Hall. The meeting is televised on Comcast Channel 24.

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