Fukushima Fuel Pool Could Itself Become a Nuclear Reactor; Is it an Apocalypse in Progress?

Updated 16 weeks ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

  Fairewinds chief engineer Arnie Gundersen interviewed by Prof. Harvey Wasserman, Nov. 18, 2013 (at 22:00 in): The boron between the nuclear fuel has disintegrated. It was never designed for the temperatures it's seen and it was never designed for saltwater. So there's no assurance that you've got boron neutron absorbers between the nuclear fuel rods. So you've got what we call an inadvertent criticality — you've got the chance of the nuclear fuel pool becoming a nuclear reactor when it didn't want to be, as they pull these rods out. So they have to be extraordinarily careful that they dont snap a rod and extraordinarily careful that as they're pulling these rods, that the dont get an inadvertent criticality.

Later, in the interview, Gundersen postulates an "apocalypse in progress" in Unit 4 from removing reactor rods, which itself becomes a self contained chain reaction similar to a meltdown.


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