Council Passes Anti Discrimination Ordinance, Settlement & Appointments

Updated 16 weeks ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Council Passes Anti Discrimination Ordinance, Settlement & Appointments

Huntington City Council has passed an amendment to its anti-discrimination ordinance by also updating separate language that is offensive to the disabled community. Council passed the same sex and veteran additions as discriminatory provisions with no discussion other than the State of West Virginia has yet to recognize gender bias.

Those speaking in favor of the ordinance praised changing out of "handicap" (a historic reference of hand and cap begging) to "disabled," which recognizes citizens vital to the workplace.

Passing unanimously, council member Rick Simmons called the vote "heartfelt for some of us." At large council member Rebecca Thacker stressed that her vote gave a "voice to the voiceless."

An amendment to the Honeywell contract not to exceed a total of $365,000 will come from the Landfill Closure Account and go toward an up to 75% reduction in leachate treatment costs at Dietz Hollow. 

Through a waiver of the rules, council accepted settlement of a lawsuit that involved Safety Town. The terms had been discussed in an executive session. Council members unanimously accepted the settlement without comment.

In addition, two resolutions transferring a compliance officer from Public Works to the Police Department (along with specified funds) gained approval, too.

All appointments, including Dr. Cal Kent to the Huntington Municipal Development Authority, and advisers to the A.D. Lewis Center passed unanimously.




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