COMMENTARY: Good Bye 2013

Updated 6 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Farewell 2013. Good riddance. Certainly, that’s not the politically correct way of auld lang syne. It’s not meant to be either.

Increasingly media (social and otherwise) have become rah-rah messengers.  Let’s celebrate the good stuff and ignore (as long as possible) the bad.

Facebook bellows sentences and photographs of personal moments in friends’ lives.  Some more  instant smile worthy than others that deserve a congratulatory “like.”

The news happens that way also. It peeks into a dramatic often tragic moment, expresses concern, then moves to the weather report, which may include an “I will rebuild from this tornado” sound bite. Nice inspirational shoulder, but did the camera return three or six months later to check on rebound progress?

Standing out among “timeline” posts, those of a woman afflicted with a massive tumor, veiled down and out feelings, and other posts that seem designated to one individual in a public forum.  I’m not calling anyone out of line, instead, I’m asking, hey, did anyone pick up the phone and help out?

Media and social media… follow up, please. What happened after the initial 15 minutes, like a month, three or six months later?   Did the lady with cancer find health insurance or did she pass?  Did insurance realities squash the bold “rebuild” pronouncements?  And, what happened weeks after the petition was delivered, anything?

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