Barge Gone

Updated 4 years ago
Barge Gone
City of Huntington photo

The New Year stated with a vacant spot at Harris Riverfront Park. A barge that had been a popular restaurant has left the prominent place in Huntington where it became known as a leaking albatross.

According to a City of Huntington photo, the vessel cleared the dock just before Christmas. The barge which was part of the Huntington Yacht Club had been turned over to Superior Marine. The removal alleviated what had been called an on going safety issue.

Following negotiations with the Yacht Club, Huntington Municipal Development Authority (HMDA) acquired development rights for $400,000 in past maintenance expenses. The area is now clear for re-development. A riverfront museum or a small aquarium have been mentioned.

On the western end of the park, grant funding has been approved for a skatepark.

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