West Virginia American Water Update on “Do Not Use”

Updated 7 years ago From Press Release

An interagency team including the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, West Virginia American Water and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continue to monitor and sample both raw and finished water and crews are conducting flushing throughout the distribution system.

When extensive testing has produced results showing that levels of MCHM are below one part per million (1 ppm) and the water is deemed acceptable for normal use, the ban will be lifted in a strict, methodical manner to help ensure the water system is not overwhelmed, thereby causing more water quality and service issues.

Zones will be established based on the flow of water from the treatment plant through the system. Again, this will ensure the system is flushed properly and help avoid pressure issues that could cause service interruptions.

Because it is critical to the water system that the “Do Not Use” is lifted in a methodical manner, West Virginia American Water along with the interagency team will communicate the lift zones through a variety of sources including an interactive webpage where customers can enter their home or business address and see their water service status. We strongly encourage all customers with access to the website to use this tool first. Once active, it will be accessible at www.westvirginiaamwater.com.

In addition to the website, lift zone information will also be provided to all media. To supplement that, automated phone calls using our current company customer database will be launched in waves for customers in each zone as they are able to be lifted.

A temporary local 24/7 hotline will be established, communicated and available for additional clarification. The hotline will be for the exclusive purpose of helping customers in border areas or for those who do not have internet access. Representatives will not be able to provide any information beyond clarification on lift locations. All other questions should be directed to our Customer Service Center at 1-800-685-8660.

Customers in lifted zones will need to flush their home plumbing systems. West Virginia American Water will provide flushing guidance via its website, media, and call center. West Virginia American Water will be offering customers a credit of 1000 gallons, which is more than will what likely be required to flush the average residential home. The average residential customer uses approximately 3,300 gallons per month.

West Virginia American Water thanks all its customers for their patience and cooperation during this event.

The company continues to work with the state to provide both bulk and bottled water to impacted residents.

We remind customers that until notified, water should not be used for any purpose other than toilet flushing or firefighting. Alternative sources of water should be used for all purposes. Bottled water or water from another, safe source should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, bathing, food and baby formula preparation and all other purposes until further notice.

West Virginia American Water will inform customers when it is determined that the water is once again acceptable to use