Freedom Industries Issued Containment Violations at Poca Facility

Updated 4 years ago
Freedom Industries Issued Containment Violations at Poca Facility

Freedom Industries, the company responsibility for the Chemical spill that spread from the Elk River into the Ohio River, has been cited for containment violations at its Poca, WV facility known as Poca Blending Company.  The company moved the supply of the chemical there after the cease and desist order for the Charleston location. Read the WV DEP report in the PDF attachment.

Specifically, the inspection describes MCHM storage from the recent spill: Barker tanks containing MCHM from the recent Freedom Industries spill were staged on site. There were six tanks on site containing MCHM as well as additional empty tanks to be filled as cleanup continues. Construction of a clay hem is planned to provide secondary containment for these tanks,  but two are currently placed in a location which would prevent such construction oon an impervious surface."

Other findings: No Discharge Monitoring Reports were available on site but samples were provided. The only employee training record was dated 2004. The building is listed as a "secondary containment" but "holes exist at floor level"... a trench around the building "does not function" as secondary containment since employees can open the gate(s) and there is no "method for separating stormwater."


Notice of Violations Issue: Five

Cynthia Musser, signed the report on Jan. 14, 2014 as the WV DEP management reviewer.

  1. WV DEP report (2.45 MB)
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