US Attorney Booth Goodwin's Statement on Water

Updated 5 years ago From a Release by U.S. Attorney's Office for Southern District of WV
United States Attorney Booth Goodwin  issued the following statement regarding his office’s investigation into the release of a potentially dangerous chemical into the southern West Virginia water supply:

“As the immediate water crisis begins to ease and West Virginians regain access to drinkable water, I want to make three things clear. One, my office will continue working as quickly as possible to find out exactly what happened here, including the complete timeline of the release and what was done---or not done---before and after it. Two, if our investigation reveals that federal criminal laws were violated, we will move rapidly to hold the wrongdoers accountable. And three, companies whose facilities could affect the public water supply should be on notice: if you break federal environmental laws, you will be prosecuted. Our drinking water is not something you can take chances with, and this mess can never be allowed to happen again.”

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