Gov. Tomblin Announces State of Emergency Will Continue

Updated 6 years ago Special to HNN From a Gov. Tomblin Press Statement

Gov.  Earl Ray Tomblin today issued a statement regarding the current status and continued course of action regarding the State of Emergency in Boone, Cabell, Clay, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, Putnam, and Roane counties.


  “West Virginia American Water has recently lifted the DO NOT USE order for the last area -- allowing families and businesses to begin the flushing process. However, agencies are responding to concerns in the Buffalo area of Putnam County and will continue to monitor that specific situation. Across the affected regions our testing teams will remain on the job to make sure the water company’s system complies with CDC guidelines. 
  “Following recent guidance from the CDC, plant output will continue to be tested at parts per billion. As the system is fully restored, we will test at the parts per billion level to confirm non-detectable levels in the water distribution system.   “My team’s number one priority is the health and safety of those impacted by this crisis. My family is in the affected area. Many of the team’s families and neighbors are in the affected areas. This crisis hits home.  The efforts we are taking are for all of our families.   “So far we have distributed more than 15 million bottles of water. We have more than 100 trailers on hand at the National Guard distribution center.  Bottled water distribution at various locations in the affected areas will continue. I’ve asked the Director of Homeland Security to place additional orders so that water will be available well into next week.   “I would also ask if you are stocked up on water, please refrain from taking free water from the emergency assistance centers. We’ve got to make sure water is available to those most in need. Also, please pay attention to any updates from my team and from West Virginia American Water Company. We are working hard to give you the most accurate and up to date information we have available.
  Proposed Legislation    “I’ve directed my legal team to work with the DEP to draft legislation to help prevent this type of crisis from happening again.  We’ll have a bill introduced next week. This legislation empowers the DEP to implement an above ground storage tank regulatory program. It requires above ground storage tanks to be constructed and maintained in a safe manner. It ensures that public water systems have proper contingency plans in place to prepare for emergencies, such as this, and requires public notice to affected municipalities, counties, and the general public concerning regulated above ground storage tanks.       “I anticipate submitting this legislation to the Senate and House of Delegates early next week. We will coordinate these efforts with our legislative leadership as well as our Congressional Delegation in Washington.”
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