Anderson Files

Updated 4 years ago
Dale Anderson II filed on January 15th 2014 as a Republican for the West Virginia House of Delegates. "It is my hope and prayer that I will be able to join Delegate Carol Miller (R) in representing the 16th District in Charleston," Anderson said in a prepared statement.

He continued, "When elected I will be fighting for economic development, better paying jobs and limiting our oppressive State government. Our families deserve better than minimum wage jobs and limited opportunity for advancement. I want families to have the option of staying in our great state instead of having to relocate to South Carolina or Florida in search of a higher wage rate. "

Anderson added, "If you agree that our families deserve better, Life is important, Coal must be protected, the government should be limited and Liberty abundant, let your voice be heard. I am looking forward to meeting more citizens in the coming months. "
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