AAA Roadside Assistance Just a Few Clicks Away

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AAA Roadside Assistance Just a Few Clicks Away

As the temperatures plummet towards zero, motorists may feel like its déjà vu as they prepare for the sub-zero temperatures again. AAA reminds motorists that the phone is not their only option for requesting help. In addition to calling 1-800-AAA-HELP, members can conveniently request roadside assistance any time day or night through the free AAA Mobile application or by visiting

“Member convenience is the benefit of exploring these alternatives,” according to Steve Popovich, Managing Director of AAA East Central’s Automotive Services Department. “By using the app or website, it eliminates the need to contact the call center at a time when the volume of calls for emergency roadside assistance may be more than double a typical winter day,” he added.

AAA Mobile app

The AAA Mobile app combines roadside service features with maps, directions, battery quotes and member discounts. It’s easy to use the AAA Mobile app. Simply download the free app the same way you’d add any other app: through the iTunes store (for Apple devices) or through Google Play (for Android devices). Once you’ve downloaded the app, enter your AAA membership information by selecting “Settings” and then “Manage my AAA Profile.” To request roadside assistance, return to the app home screen and select “Roadside Assistance.” You will then enter the same information you’d provide over the phone if you were to call for assistance. You can also opt-in to have AAA call you with updates regarding your request. An added benefit of the AAA Mobile app is that your exact location is sent with your service request if you are using a GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Members can also visit on their computers or mobile devices to submit a request for help. Simply visit and click on the Road Service Online link. If you are not already a registered user, you’ll then be asked to enter your membership number and zip code to confirm your membership. After signing in, you’ll see an electronic form requesting the same information you would be asked over the phone when placing a service request. After you submit your request, a verification page will pop up with your estimated wait time.

No matter what method you choose to request emergency roadside service, AAA urges motorists to minimize distractions behind the wheel by never using wireless devices - whether to make calls, use apps or go online – while driving.

AAA East Central is a not-for-profit association with 82 local offices in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, New York and Kentucky servicing 2.7 million members.

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