Legislators Question Milton Super Valu Facility Closure

Updated 4 years ago

Cabell, Lincoln and Wayne County members of the West Virginia legislator have asked Sam Duncan, president of Supervalu , Inc. to explain reasons for the planned closure of the Milton facility.

The letter asks:

We the undersigned are members of the legislative delegation who represent Cabell, Wayne and Lincoln counties in the West Virginia Senate and West Virginia House of Delegates. We are deeply concerned about the recent news that Supervalue is considering closing its distribution center in Milton, West Virginia and request an opportunity as quickly as possible to meet to discuss the rational for this action; discuss the devastating impact the closure will have on your hardworking, loyal Supervalue employees and their families, and your customers; and explore each and every possible opportunity to retain these jobs and preserve Supervalue as a part of our local business community.


This morning, we have spoken directly with the Mayor of Milton and the leader of the local union representing the majority of workers at the Supervalue facility. We also attempted to contact you directly at your corporate headquarters in Minnesota and have left a message with a representative at the Milton facility of our sincere desire to offer our assistance in preserving your presence and investment in Cabell County and the jobs provided here.


The West Virginia Legislature has taken many steps in recent years to improve the business climate in our state. Workers’ compensation rates have dropped significantly since we enacted major reform, the corporate net income tax rate and business franchise tax have been reduced and we eliminated the food tax for each and every West Virginian which helps make buying groceries, the products you help stock the shelves or our grocery stores with, more affordable.


We are extremely proud of our hard working West Virginians. The Supervalue workers are a testament to the loyalty and commitment of our local labor force. We understand that the average age of the Supervalue worker here is about 57 years old and many have worked at the facility for more than 30 years!


Very little discussion or rationale has been given for this possible action and we reach out with the hope that we have the chance to engage in a meaningful discussion about ways to preserve your presence here in Cabell County and the close to 100 jobs that are so important to our region and state.


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