Honoring Waters Slates Thursday Events

Updated 4 years ago

Friends of Water has issued the following call to action for events on Thursday, Jan. 30 events in Charleston related to showing support for clean drinking water:

8:45AM Charleston Civic Center. Governor Tomblin  speaks at the WV Coal Association Symposium on Thursday.  Friends of Water said they are "sure some of the discussion will be about water... make sure the voices of people are heard that clean, safe water is a human right for ALL people and that our state government is failing to enforce laws to guarantee that right."

10:45-Upper Rotunda of the State Capital to tell lawmakers that they need to do more to safeguard the essential element of life-WATER. The legislature needs to make sure that they pass a strong bill that is backed up by strong enforcement and do not try to sweep facts under the rug.

12:15PM- Governor's Reception room to help deliver a citizens petition from the CARE (Citizens Action for Real Enforcement) campaign. The petition has been signed by thousands of people from WV as well as tens of thousands of people around the USA. Tell the Governor that HE is responsible for making sure that the WV Department of Environmental Protection safeguard people's health and well being. The CARE petition focuses on the mining program of WVDEP, but the water crisis has shown that we are ALL in the same boat when it comes to a lack of accountability by WVDEP.

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