Huntington Council Approves Remediation; State of City Feb. 14

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Huntington Council Approves Remediation; State of City Feb. 14

Huntington City Council has approved a contract for up to $16,000 for additional remedial action at the Huntington City Garage from where underground tanks have been removed.

According to Public Works Director David Hagley, the EPA ordered underground tank removal in 2005. Kemron Environmental has a yearly renewable contract to "continue monitoring" because of soil contamination.

Councilman Pete Gillespie asked how long the action will be necessary. Hagley estimated two or three years. Gillespie inquired whether the work had been put up for bid. Hagley indicated this renews the current agreement for another year.

No one during the meeting indicated they knew of the legacy of the remediation, such as whether the current contract had been originally bid.

Huntington Council Approves Remediation; State of City Feb. 14

On first reading, Breanna Shell, planning director, discussed city flood plain alterations mandated by new FEMA maps. Ms. Shell indicated that about 377 properties are affected, mostly those in developments along the Ohio River, Four Pole Creek and Kraut’s Creek.

The Planning Commission forwarded the ordinance to council with a favorable recommendation, which involves flood insurance rates and planning. Ms. Shell identified herself as the city’s flood plain coordinator.

Council approved two resolutions involving grant applications. Charles Holley, executive director of Development and Planning, explained that the city will apply for a $6,300 grant from the Division of Culture and History to host a Historic Preservation Conference Sept. 25-26 in Huntington. In addition, the City will apply for a LEDA grant of $25,000 that would be used for handrail replacement on the Hal Greer Blvd. viaduct.

“We hope to find additional matching funds,” Holley said, acknowledging that at the time of the grant application “we do not have a contract yet.”

Handrails will come after sidewalk replacement.

Finally, Mayor Steve Williams announced that the State of the City address will be Friday, Feb. 14 at 3 p.m. in council chambers at Huntington City Hall.

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