Thrown Out of WV State Capitol for Carrying Water

Updated 4 years ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Thrown Out of WV State Capitol for Carrying Water

 People demonstrated their desire for real clean water safeguards and regulatory enforcement to  the WV Governor and Legislature.  The most entertainingly embarrassing  moment of the day occurred when Dustin White was ejected from the State Captiol building for carrying in a jug of tap water from his fathers spigot in Boone County.  The officers claimed it was an "Unknown Substance".   But that's what's coming out of people's taps. It turned orange and smelly recently.

White wrote, "I tried to take a sample of water from my dad's WVAM tap into the State Capitol to show our politicians the water were are force to live with." Security, as shown in the video, grabbed his arm and threatened him with arrest for attempting to bring it inside the building. They said he would be arrested if he tried to re-enter the building.

After White's videoed  confrontation with security over the orange and smelly liquid, Delegate Mike Manypenny, D-Tayor, went outside and accepted the gallon jug from White. Having conferred with security himself, Manypenny promised to take the water to his office and send it to the Board of Public Health for analysis.

"This is outrageous," he told White.

Meanwhile, WVAW, according to the source, began flushing fire hydrants, which had been criticized during the WCHS forum  as sending contaminated water into the storm sewer system.


Here is another video ....



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