PSC This Week Reopened WVAW Case

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PSC This Week Reopened WVAW Case

West Virginia-American Water Company must continue to collect and report the statistical information required by the 10/13/2011 Commission Order for an additional year, unless further modified by this Commission; that Staff shall continue to file an analysis of each quarterly monitoring report filed pursuant to this Order, as a closed entry in this matter, within thirty days of the filing of the associated West Virginia-American Water data; etc.

FROM PSC ORDER: This has been a particularly trying but significant decision. WVAWC asserted
both in its testimony and briefs that the actions of the Commission in entering the
Commission Order were an unwarranted intrusion on the “right” of WVAWC to conduct
its affairs in a manner consistent with the business judgment of its management.
WVAWC continues to argue that position in its Petition asserting that the Commission
has exceeded its authority, but it does narrow the focus of its concern to the language of
the Commission Order that required WVAWC to maintain a complement of
289 positions.
In the Commission Order, the Commission recited its statutory duty and
responsibilities to prescribe fair and prompt regulations that promote adequate,
economical and reliable utility services throughout the State. Those are not mere bald
assertions. The Commission is charged by statute with balancing the interests of
customers, regulated utilities and the economy in general in its decisions. See. W.Va.
Code 824-1-1, Commission Order at 8, 9. These duties impose an obligation on the
Commission to act if it finds that acts and practices of a utility endanger the quality of
service it is required to provide. W.Va. Code §$24-2-2,24-2-7.

  1. PSC 2012 ORDER (201.3 KB)
  2. PSC JAN 31, 2014 (757.93 KB)
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